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Glaucoma Procedures

The glaucoma department at NEC is well equipped with the latest technologies to establish the clinical diagnosis of glaucoma . Our major doctors in Glaucoma Procedures are and Applanation Tonometry , Pachymetry, Humphrey Field Analyser11 etc are the modern equipments available in this department. Gonioscopy and Aplanation Tonometry are done here regularly.


"Glaucoma" is a term ascribed to a whole group of diseases affecting the eye that cause the pressure within the eye (the intraocular pressure) to be at unhealthy levels for the affected person. Because many different types of glaucoma exist, treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma as well as a variety of other factors. Average normal intraocular pressure in adults is 15 mm Hg.


Symptoms that suggest the presence of chronic or acute glaucoma include:

  • Trouble focusing vision.
  • Poor night vision.
  • Sensation of a blind area.
  • Headaches associated with exercise.
  • Headaches in the early morning or after dusk.
  • Pain in the eye, particularly when associated with smoky vision.
  • Halos around light.

When symptoms of glaucoma occur acutely (that is, suddenly) and severely, it can be very painful and/or eyesight can worsen. If this happens, treatment needs to be started within hours. Early diagnosis is the key to corrective action.


Equipments at the clinic
The clinic has modern equipments like

  • Humphrey Field Analyser II.
  • Stereo bio microscopic evaluation optic nerve head- using +90D & +78D lenses.
  • Digital photography equipment.
  • Pachymetry .
  • Optic nerve fibre analysis-Optical coherence tomography
  • NCT


The treatment of Glaucoma is through oral medication, eye drops or through laser treatment or surgery as the severity of Glaucoma might be. System medications are indicated as an emergency measure and they usually decrease the rate of generation of the liquid, aqueous humor, in the eye. Eye drops are used to assist the outflow from the eye, and help to decrease suppress the production of aqueous humor. Laser treatment methods are Iridotomy, Argon Laser trabeculoplasty and surgical procedures include Trabeculectomy, Guarded filtration procedure, etc which might require a brief hospital stay or a far frequent hospital follow up visits.

Post surgical care

Patients undergoing guarded filtration procedure for intra ocular pressure control have to understand that surgery maintains the field of vision that he/she has prior to surgery. No procedures restore permanently lost field of vision. Complete recovery usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks after a combined Cataract and Trabeculectomy or Trabeculectomy alone.


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